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Current New York Electric Suppliers

Con Ed
National Grid
Orange & Rockland Utilities
Rochester G&E Corp
Niagara Mohawk NY
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NY Electric Rates By City


About NY Electric Rates

    NY electric rates provides an open platform for alternative energy suppliers to communicate with commercial and residential end users in deregulated electric markets.

    New utility rules allow alternative electric companies to compete for your business. NY Electric rates is your single source for cheap electric prices in New York. We bring together the best electric suppliers in your state to bid on your commercial, industrial, or residential electric supply. If you currently buy your electric from CON ED, NYSEG, National Grid, Central Hudson, Keyspan, O&R, or RG&E, than you have the power to choose your electric supplier and save money on electric. Deregulated electricity gives the customer the power to choose their electric supplier and save on energy.

    Utility bills for electricity now include one total price for generation, transmission, and distribution. Deregulation means the generation portion of the electricity service will be open to competition. Your local utility company will remain responsible for providing maintenance, customer services, and billing for the transmission and distribution of your electric.

    A long time monopoly system of electric utilities has been replaced with competing suppliers. When competition is present in any market place, the end user benefits. Deregulation of energy markets give our clients the opportunity to compare rates of suppliers, decide who is the best fit for their energy consumption needs, switch providers of their electric generation, and most importantly save money on a monthly basis.

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    • Using the historical usage, the New York energy providers will send you a quote
    • There is nothing binding at this point until you choose one of the quotes and sign an agreement with the energy provider


Alternative Energy Suppliers

Mirabito Gas and Electric is the best choice for electric supply in New York. Work with an electricity supplier who save you money on your power and can meet your electric needs.
Get a competitive electric quote. Apply here.

Liberty Power Holdings, LLC
Make sure you have the best electric price when given the power to choose your electric company. Liberty Power provides New York great electric prices with the confidence of a reliable electric supplier.
Apply for a great electric price

Cheap Electric Inc.
Cheap Electric is good at one thing...getting the customer cheap electric. Get the best electric rates and price and work with a power supplier who can save your residential or commercial facility money on electric. Fill out form for electric quote.
Cheap electric is a completed form away.

PEPCO Energy Services, Inc.
PEPCO Energy Services can save residential and commercial customers money on their electricity. PEPCO is one of the leading electricity suppliers in the nation and provides a variety choices to meet your electric budget.
Apply for an electric choice quote.

Sempra Energy Solutions
Sempra Energy provides electricity to residential and commercial customers throughout the United States. Get a great electric price from Sempra to reduce your electric costs.
Apply for an alternative energy price

Hudson Energy Services LLC
Hudson Energy Services is a leading electric supplier in New York. Hudson Energy is the best source for great electric rates. Apply for an electric quote and save on energy.

Hess Corporation
Hess is a nationally known energy provider. Compare Hess' electricity rates to other electric suppliers and find out why Hess is the electricity choice for smart electric customers in New York.

Delaware Valley Energy Solutions
Green Energy and energy management are only a couple of the options that seperates Delaware Valley Energy Solutions from other electricity suppliers. Work with DelVal Energy to get Cheap Electric prices and save money on energy.

Columbia Utilities Power, LLC
Apply for an alternative electric price. Get a great electric rate quote and save money on your electric bill. Columbia Utilities Power is the best choice for your power.
Complete for energy quote

ConEdison Solutions
ConEdison Solutions is a leading electricity supplier and works to get customers the best electric price. ConEdison is a reliable and respected electricity supplier in New York. Work with Con Edison to get the best electric rates.
Apply for Alternative supplier quote

Accent Energy
Reduce your energy prices. Work with Accent energy to save on energy and budget your electricity costs. New York electric prices have never been better.
Residential and Business customer fill out for electric quote

Glacial Energy Of New Jersey, Inc
Glacial Energy provides electric options for a variety of energy users. Complete an application to receive an electric quote and compare our rates to the other electric suppliers in New York.

Get the best electric price for your home, business, or industry. Apply for a quote.

Entergy Solutions
Entergy Solutions is known as New York's premiere company for energy management. See what Entergy Solutions can do to improve your company's bottom line and save on energy.
Take control of your electric bill. Complete for a quote.

ENERGETIX, INC./NYSEG SOLUTIONS has been a trusted and reliable source for electric supply in New York. Apply now to see if you can save money on your electric bill.
Fill out for a competitive electric quote.

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc
Put your electric choice options to work for you. Save money on your electric with Constellation New Energy. Constellation New Energy is a leading electric supplier in the New York deregulated electric market. Work with Constellation New Energy to get
Apply for Electric choice

MX Energy Electric, Inc.
MX Energy is one of New York's fastest growing electric companies. Find out how New York electricity users are saving money with MX Energy. Apply for a power quote and save money on electricity.
Electric choice made easy. Apply for a quote.

Direct Energy Business, LLC
Direct Energy is the best choice to meet your electricity needs. Keep your electricity prices down by picking the energy plan that is right for you. Direct Energy is the choice for New York electric users.
Alternative electric supply quotes, please apply

IDT is a leading electricity supplier in New York. Compare electric quotes and see why so many people choose IDT over the other electric providers. Great electric prices and a strong electric company are an application away.
Apply for a quote from the best electric suppliers